Why vote for me?

I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve.

Some of it is detailed below.

A key role of an Assembly Member is to press for change to National, Mayoral and Local policy.  I have been doing this for many years from the grassroots up and as a councillor. I’ll continue to do so within City Hall if you vote for me and will help to make the substantial changes we need to see in Croydon & Sutton.

We all need to be able to rely on access to health services:

  • I will continue to protect our NHS from privatisation and the real threat of downgrading the acute services at St Helier and Epsom hospitals.

Everybody should have a decent home:

  • I will work to ensure we have homes affordable for our local residents with community led housing and community land trusts incorporated in our local and London plans. 
  • I will stand up for renters who need secure tenancies, reasonable rents in decent well maintained properties, including working with our MPs to ensure the dangerous cladding in our high rise towers are replaced. 
  • I’ll campaign along with other Assembly Members who will join with me to work on a strategy with the Mayor to implement a much needed London wide scheme to regulate rents in the private sector.

Protecting our environment is urgent:

  • I want to see a sustainable future for our children.
  • I’ll advocate for:
    • boosting recycling rates.
    • an extended tree planting programme.
    • creating school streets for safer and cleaner journeys for our children.
    • reducing energy use including improving existing housing.
    • an ULEZ to include a clean air project to bring zero-emissions delivery service to neighbourhoods.
    • installing more electric vehicle charging points.
    • making it easier to cycle.  
  • I’m proud to be part of Croydon Council’s initiatives after declaring a Climate Emergency including:
    • Citizen’s assemblies to help guide environmental work
    • a Climate Crisis Commission to help us deliver a sustainable borough.

Let’s work together to make our community safer:

  • I’ll campaign for more community neighbourhood policing.
  • I’ll continue my commitment to a public health approach in tackling these issues. 
    • I’m on the Safer Croydon Partnership Executive Board and already work with our Violence Reduction Network, the Mayor’s Violent Reduction Unit the statutory services and other stakeholders including the third sector.
    • Some of the lessons learnt from Croydon’s Vulnerable Adolescent Review has already helped to inform the strategy in other local authorities and in City Hall. I will continue to encourage this.

Most people want better public transport:

  • I want to see more people out of their cars.
    • I believe that an effective transport strategy across the two boroughs needs to appreciate that different localities have different needs. 
    • I want to see London Metro services currently run by Southern/Govia Thameslink brought under TFL control, with the consistent fare structure that includes.
    • I realise that a tram extension would be of benefit to Sutton and support this. In the shorter term a rapid bus service with dedicated lanes would improve journey times.